What are backlinks/inbound links?

An Overview of Backlinks – What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are also known as incoming links or IBL’s/inbound links. They are clickable texts on a website that link back to your webpage.

Basically, you create or build your own website. When other sites post links that direct towards your sites, these are called backlinks. They entice visitors to come to your page, introduce your site to new visitors, and therefore, increase traffic to your site.

Search engines regard backlinks as a major indicator of how popular your site is. The more backlinks your page has, the more popular it is and the higher it is ranked by search engines such as Google.

Backlinks, as a search engine optimization tool, has become one of the keys to success for website ranking. Without them, a new site will hardly get discovered by an audience. When you want to entice your target niche to come to your site, you have to catch their attentions from other sites that are already established and reliable.

In simpler terms, these are words, usually highlighted, that are found on other sites that when clicked, brings the audience to your site.

Quality Over Quantity

Though having a large number of backlinks is an indicator of popularity, this doesn’t mean they are all created equal. The quality of these links is the most important aspect with regards to their relevance.

Search engines actually look at the content of the articles or website that post these links in their site. In other words, the content must be related or useful to the content of your page.

For example, your website is an online store for women’s clothing. If a link to your site appears on a camera accessories page, then the link is irrelevant to the content. Search engines will regard the link as irrelevant and useless, and therefore, you won’t get a point in ranking.

According to Jammy Digital SEO Manchester “Volume is not the priority in rankings, but quality of the backlinks is.”

Bad Backlinks

What if you have 10 websites? Can you use your websites to create backlinks to your other sites? These are other pages, right? Well, even if the content is of high quality but the sites belong to the same IP address, then you will be guilty of Backlink Bombing, which can merit penalties from search engines.

Bad backlinks are not just useless, but they are extremely harmful to your site. You may be found guilty of spamming, and can even be reported as untrustworthy and deceitful.

How to Build Good Backlinks

Site quality and content are paramount when it comes to inbound links. You can tap article sharing sites where you post relevant content associated with your site and post the link naturally in the article. You can also upload articles and ebooks on document sharing websites, press release sites, as well as social networking site profiles where you post the link to your page.

The key to high quality backlinks is really good content especially from reliable and authoritative sites.

Anchor text is a technique wherein the URL to your page is embedded to a word or words. The text must be below 60 characters and they should flow naturally within your content.

The anchor text does not have to use a word or words that are contained in your URL but can be any word that’s related to the content of your site. For example, your website talks about all things pregnancy and your URL is “https://blissbump9.com,” you can use the word “pregnancy” as your anchor text.

Using anchor texts allows writers to post backlinks that are clean, easier on the eye, easy to read, and natural. With high quality content and relevance, backlinks will be one of the key to your site’s success.…